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Closing - Ikigai Book Series

Closing - Ikigai Book Series

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As the final page turns on "Journeys of Ikigai: Tales from Ine - Volume 1" by Zaza Miyagi, we are invited to reflect on the paths to fulfillment and joy depicted through the series. This concluding chapter is a homage to the life's work and artistic vision captured within the pages, a narrative that has explored the essence of ikigai through the lenses of various characters from a serene Japanese village.

This volume, a 2024 byHyra exclusive, is the culmination of a journey through storytelling and artistry, designed by Zaza Miyagi and made with care in the USA. It is a collection that has brought inspiration and contemplation to homes and spaces, inviting viewers to find their own ikigai in the everyday.

Stay tuned for the next adventure with "Journeys of Ikigai: Tales from Ine - Volume 2," where new passions ignite and the search for life's fulfillment continues in ever-inspiring ways.

Please note: The displayed versions are 11" x 9". Due to variations in dimensions, the design may be cropped differently for each paper size, altering the white bar size above and below the design.

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